Clark Partners Magazine Spring 2023

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Clark’s Crystal Ball
Clark is drafting a strategic plan to guide the college in the face of economic and demographic uncertainty. Read the story.

Campus treasures
Clark’s campus has been the backdrop of college memories for 90 years and counting. Revisit some of Clark’s most beloved campus treasures. Read the story.

Live from New York, it’s Riley Donahue
Clark alumnus Riley Donahue creates motion and graphic design for “Saturday Night Live” and a short film featuring Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry. Read the story. Listen to the podcast.

The dramatic effect of 90 years
Clark’s theatre department has produced an Oscar-nominated actor, shut down at one time, then was resurrected. Today, it’s redefining theatre for the modern era. Read the story

History is rooted in Clark
Clark’s campus is a 90-acre arboretum with its majestic trees that make the campus particularly special. Read the story.

Reprinted by permission from Clark College Foundation. Rhonda Morin, editor in chief. Lily Raff McCaulou, project manager. Cover illustration by Kelsey Davis, Graphic design by Wei Zhuang and Greg Holly. Photography by Jenny Shadley and Wei Zhuang. Author illustrations by Bryce Van Pattern. Inspiration from Clark College alumni and donors.

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