Podcast: Legacy of an Auspicious CEO, Part 3

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In this Penguin Chats podcast, listen how Clark College Foundation CEO Lisa Gibert prepared for her first-ever fundraising campaign just as the Dow Jones plummeted and led to the Great Recession. Later, a second campaign ran head-on into a global pandemic. During all this, Lisa Gibert struggled with a personal tragedy and health issues that required months to recover. Her resilience was nothing less than remarkable as she continued to guide the foundation toward phenomenal success during tough times. This is Part III of a three-part series. #penguinchats

30-minute listenPodcast about CEO Lisa Gibert of Clark College Foundation

Written and produced by Rhonda Morin, APR. Edited by Magaurn Video Media. Music from Universal Production Music. Graphic by Greg Holly, Acme Graphic Design. Penguin Chats podcast is a production of Clark College Foundation. Re-posted with permission from Clark College Foundation. Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2022

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