From the president

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Lisa Gibert is Clark College Foundation’s president and CEO.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’re your neighbors. We welcome you to our campus to take a course so you can learn a new skill or indulge in a passion, watch Clark students put on a play, borrow a book from our library shelves or—by this fall—sample our baking in our remodeled kitchen.

Every day in our neighborhood, faculty and staff work with students to prepare them for the challenges and complexities they will face in their jobs and lives so that they may flourish and make a difference in their larger communities and the world.
Clark is the place where people with different backgrounds and vast life experiences are welcomed. We’re proud of that because as your neighbors, we encourage a healthy, productive community.

I invite you to be our neighbor. Whether you live around the block, in another state or country, I ask you to get to know your community college. There are many ways to get to know Clark or get involved. You could attend one of our STEMinars, volunteer for the alumni board, serve as an usher at a Decker Theatre production, watch our chorale group perform, attend the Latino Festival or serve on a committee remotely.

Visit Clark College or Clark College Foundation‘s web pages to see what most interests you. I promise you’ll find something here that you will enjoy and that will make you feel good about your community’s college.

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