I’m part of the team at Wenzel Coaching with expertise in cyclocross, road racing, stage racing, century riding, cross country, middle distance and marathon running and general fitness.

I can deliver lessons about the grit and determination it takes to succeed at your goals. Whether it’s getting better at clearing cyclocross barriers or upgrading a road racing category, I can provide you with the tools to get to the next level.

Specialty Skills & Results

Core & Corrective Exercise Specialist (certificate)

Licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Former Outward Bound Assistant Instructor

Accredited in Public Relations (APR)

2005 National Winner, Category B Cyclocross Nationals, non-championship

2006 Bronze Medalist, Master’s Category Cyclocross Nationals

2019 Placed 12th, Master’s Category Cyclocross Nationals

2016, 2017, 2019, 2021 Oregon State Champion, cyclocross, master’s group

2015 Oregon State Champion, cyclocross singlespeed

2015 Grand Prix Rhonda Mazza Cyclocross, singlespeed, Series 1st Place

2015 Cross Crusade, singlespeed, Series 3rd Place

2013 Grand Prix Eric Tonkin Cyclocross, Women A, Series 2nd Place

2012 Grand Prix Tina Brubaker Cyclocross, Women A, Series 2nd Place

2011 Grand Prix Molly Cameron Cyclocross, Women A, Series Champion

2011 Mt Hood Cycling Classic, Cat 3/4, 4th overall

2010 Elkhorn Classic Stage Race, master’s, 1st overallgaston-gravel-ride-jamie-rhonda

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