Al Bauer, Washington’s education senator podcast

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In 1948, regretting his decision to work in a cannery for 80 cents an hour and feeling jealous of friends who had gone to college, Al Bauer showed up at Clark College with his transcript in hand. He didn’t think he’d be accepted since one year earlier Bauer had dropped out of high school. Jump ahead 70 plus years and this former cattle rancher, lawmaker, teacher, education advocate and donor, helped change the face of education in the state of Washington in the 70s, 80s and 90s through his tireless efforts to reform the K-12 system and higher education.

Listen to Bauer’s versions of behind-the-scenes politicking in the State Legislature, like how he and the Democratic caucus pressured corrupt colleagues to leave their posts. Bauer also reflects on pivotal moments in his long career, like how he paved the way for Running Start, a program allowing high school students to take college credits. The senator started down the path of education reform after having watched his students struggle to write simple sentences for essays.

Photo by Natalie Behring @nbehring

Read the story by Lily Raff McCaulou.

Reprinted with permission by Clark College Foundation, 2019

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